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We are one of Assam’s best Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre with a dedicated staff and excellent program.

Parivartan Wellness Retreat is leading Rehabilitation Centre for Substance Abuse and Behavioural Addiction based in Guwahati, India. Our Reliable and Effective Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery Program is headed and supported by experienced dedicated therapists and by motivated staff with years of experience in treating addiction.

At Parivartan Wellness Retreat, we provide a comprehensive program that treats the body, mind and soul. Our holistic approach to the disease of addiction is grounded in the twelve step philosophy that has healed thousands of addicts and alcoholics all over the world to get out of the grip of alcohol and drug dependency. The 12 step philosophy which is approved by the WHO has been proved to have the highest rate of recovery success all over the world.

We believe that in recovery besides staying abstinent from drugs and alcohol, one has to change his/her attitude, lifestyle, personality, character and thinking to sustain life long recovery and to become a productive and respected member of society.

Our service is based on the following core principles and values:

  • Dignity
  • Privacy
  • Choice
  • Safety
  • Realizing Potential
  • Equality and Diversity

At Parivartan Wellness Retreat, we guarantee to provide the following:

  • The strictest of confidentiality.
  • Advice related to treatment and support.
  • Telephone and email advisors who are appropriately qualified or supervised by experts in addiction treatment.
  • Up-to-date news and information.
  • Free articles on addiction and health issues.
  • Intervention and advice that works.

Family Program

The Family Support Program works concurrently with the client's treatment. Family members learn about various family dynamics and tools so that they can re-build healthy family systems with the person in recovery

Residential Program

Parivartan Wellness Retreat is a rehabilitation centre for recovery from alcoholism, drug addiction and gambling, located at Guwahati. It provides effective, ethical and confidential treatment for addictive behaviours and dual diagnosis, with a high recovery rate.

Outpatient Care

Parivartan Wellness Retreat's outpatient care program follows the same principles as the residential program and provides individualized focus within the program structure. Therapeutic measures comprise of lectures, group therapy, one-to-one counselling, and Twelve Step meetings. We also involve a support person like family, friend, partner, sponsor, etc

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